—When did Uncle John _______ Aunt Alice?

  —At the end of the year 2006. They _______ for nearly ten years.

A. marry; have married    B. marry with; have married

C. marry; have been married    D. marry with; have been married


—When did your father ______ your mother? 

  — About 15 years ago.

A. marry    B. marry to    C. marry with    D. get married


I ________ him to finish his work first.

A. allow    B. remind    C. afford    D. take


Your father coughs a lot. You'd better_______ him_______ anymore.

A. remind; not smoke    B. to remind; not to smoke

C. to remind; not smoke    D. remind; not to smoke


Sally wanted to ________ Bob, so she went to the country with him.

A. get married    B. marry with    C. marry


—Jill, remind me ________ my camera to school tomorrow.

  —I will.

A. taking    B. to take    C. repairing    D. to repair


—When did you ______________?

  —I’ve ______________ for two months.

A. get married;been married    B. be married;been married

C. get married;got married    D. get married;married


The pictures can ______ me ______ the life living in the countryside with my grandparents.

A. let; down    B. remind; of    C. think; about    D. give; up



You are graduating from middle school soon. Your parents will give you a gift to celebrate the important time. Write a letter with at least 60 words to your mum and dad. Tell what you want and how useful and important it is to you. The beginning part of the letter is given.




Answer the questions.(根據短文內容回答下列問題) :

When Jan and Brian Dutcher moved to San Diego for Brian’s new job at San Diego State University, the neighbors smiled and introduced themselves. But there were no “ bring a plate” invitations, no car pooling for her daughters Liza, 12 and Erin, 15.

“The family really didn’t know each other, and we missed that,” says Jan. “We are far from relatives. Neighbors are our family.”

So Jan, an artist, decided to repeat a project she had done for Liza’s fifth-grade class: ask each person to paint his or her face on a big canvas(帆布). The finished piece would become the new family photo.

First , Jan painted a grid(網格) on the canvas and put it up in the garage with a table of paints nearby. Then whenever she was home, the “art room” door was up , with an open invitation for neighbors to paint. The first to stop in were kids riding by. “They thought it was cool,” says Jan, but the adults weren’t so keen. “ Most said they hadn’t picked up a paint brush since kindergarten,” she says. “They were afraid they’d mess it up.” But as word slowly spread, they came, some using their driver’s license photos as models.

Then something started to happen. They returned ---to see who had painted, or if they could recognize who was who. In Jan’s garage, they began to chat about schools, jobs, and families. Almost daily. Wendy, who lived across the street and was seriously ill, came in her wheelchair to watch the fun. Neighbors began to offer their support.

When the worst things happened and Wendy died, they stood by her husband, Bill and invited him over for dinners.

This year has been different in the neighborhood. Families take turns hosting happy hours. “We ‘re watching over each other now just like in the painting.” says Jan.

1.Why did the Dutchers move to San Diego?

2.Where did people paint, on a wall, a car or a canvas?

3.Who joined in the project first after a grid was done?

4.What did the adults in the neighborhood think of the project at first?

5.With the project on and on, what happened in and out of the garage?

6.How do you understand the underlined sentence“We’re watching over each other now just like in the painting”?


Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格內填入適當的詞,使其內容通順,每空格限填一詞,首字母已給)



Dear Dale,

My friend asked me to do something that’s against the rules. I wanted to say no, but I was afraid that she would get mad at me, so I did it anyway. Now she wants me to do it a 1.. How can I tell her no?

White Shirt


Dear White Shirt,

We never want to disappoint our friends, but we should never do things that we shouldn’t do just to make others happy.

Throughout your life, you will probably be asked to do things that you don’t think you should do. It sound like you could have a problem saying no to people, but rather than be direct(直接的), there are other ways to deal with this kind of s2..

Instead of simply saying “No”, try to give reasons for your d3.. For example, if a friend asked you to swim in the river but you don’t want to, you could say, “ I don’t think that’s wise. The water’s very cold and there’s n4. around to help us if we get into danger.”

It’s wrong of your friend to risk getting you into trouble. If she were a t5. friend, she wouldn’t ask you to break the rules. If she asks you to do something you don’t want to next time, just explain to her w6. you don’t want to do it. You should never do anything that you think is wrong.

Perhaps you friend was just looking for a bit of excitement, but if she wants to break the rules, she shouldn’t make you feel bad for not doing so.

If you really want to keep the friendship, tell her that you don’t want either of you to get into trouble. You are not supposed to break the rules, for rules exist simply to keep us safe. And it’s always better to be safe than s7., as the saying goes. Hope I can help you out.



The Chinese used the abacus as early as the 2nd century BC, but now are welcoming“machine brains”to educate the young in this modern age.

For the young, e-learning seems so ________. Zhu Xufei, 12, uses her parents’ mobile phone to study English every day on her way to school and back home. Through an app, she can listen to and repeat back words and sentences in English. The app even tells the difference between her speech and proper pronunciation, and then ________ provides the score.

The mother of 12-year-old Zhu said,“The apps have enabled her to learn and practice spoken English anytime, anywhere,”she says.“The apps also have been designed to use games to encourage learning.”

It’s very popular nowadays, especially with parents. WeChat accounts of parents post progress reports every day on ________ their children are doing. For example,“Day 30: My son Thomas has learned 99 English words on Talking Pets.”

It’s not only children using mobile devices(設備)to learn new things. Many Metro or bus passengers can be seen with earplugs turned into app courses, like business management or the driving test.“I don’t have to ________ books around and turn pages on crowded buses,”an office lady says.“With just a touch of the screen on my smartphone, I can do practice tests whenever I have time. It also records my ________ and makes it easier for me to review them.”

E-learning has been welcomed among education services. Zheng Lili, owner of an English training school, says the learning apps help ________ better monitor the performances of students.

We believe that education should be‘whole-person’development and such devices are just support tools.

1.A. strange    B. difficult    C. natural    D. horrible

2.A. immediately    B. gently    C. nearly    D. secretly

3.A. whether    B. where    C. why    D. how

4.A. borrow    B. carry    C. return    D. deliver

5.A. mistakes    B. jobs    C. photos    D. interest

6.A. bosses    B. neighbours    C. friends    D. teachers


Choose the best answer (根據以下內容,選擇最恰當的答案)

Research suggests that at least 64% of people now spend up to four hours daily of spare time in front of a screen. Just as TV watching has been linked to higher chances of being fat and getting diseases, this extra sedentary time is bad news for our health.

1. Choose outdoor activities over technology

When you’re at home, make it a rule that you can’t be online if the sun is shining. Instead, you have to go for a walk, ride a bike, swim or get some other kind of healthy, physical activity for at least an hour before you can pull out your phone or tablet, or take a seat at the computer. This rule should be fit for everyone in your family.

2.Limit social media use

Social networks have changed computer and mobile use for people of all ages. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. Limit the amount of time you spend on social media. Avoid aimless browsing(浏覽) and give your time online a purpose research holidays or catch up on the news of the day. Then log off.

3. Save time for reading

Challenge yourself to read at least 30 pages of a great book before you check your computer or mobile phone. Pick the right reading material and you’ll soon find you’ve discovered an enjoyable pastime.

4. Create projects for yourself

It’s amazing how much you can achieve when you’re not glued to (長時間盯著) a screen. Do a list of one-hour evening projects. Some suggestions are organizing kitchen cupboards, cleaning your bedroom. Then try to do one each evening.

1.The underlined word “ sedentary time” probably means _________.

A. sitting for a long time with little movement    B. staying up late with little sleep

C. doing exercise with little water    D. working hard with little rest

2.According to the rule, you’d better ________ on sunny days.

A. watch TV at home    B. do physical exercise outdoors.

C. make a long phone call    D. play computer games

3.Before using the “technology”, _________ is fun and helpful.

A. watching TV    B. researching holidays

C. reading at least 30 pages of a great book    D. cleaning your bedroom

4.Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

A. At least one-hour indoor exercise is necessary for everyone in the family.

B. Time should be limited for social media use and aimless browsing

C. Social networks can be used on the computer or on the mobile phone.

D. One-hour evening can be used either on the computer or on the mobile phone.

5.The article is mainly to tell the readers __________.

A. different ways to stop using “ technology “ too long

B. doing outdoor activities is better than enjoying ‘ technology’

C. social media makes people’s life more exciting

D. creating projects is helpful for achieving success

6.You can probably find this article in the section of __________.

A. Travelling    B. Shopping    C. Education    D. Health


Completer the following sentences as required.( 根據所給要求完成下列句子。 62-67 小題每空格限填一詞):

1.Paddington Bear saw a pop-up book of London in a shop one day.( 改爲一般疑問句)

_________ Paddington Bear ________ a pop-up book of London in a shop one day?

2.Sherlock Holmes became popular through a series of short stories.(對劃線部分提問)

__________ did Sherlock Holmes _________ popular?

3.The trip to the South Pole is amazing.(改爲感歎句)

_________ _________ amazing trip to the South Pole it is!

4.The young man was too shy to express his ideas in front of the public.(保持句意基本相同)

The young man wasn’t __________ _________ to express his ideas in front of the public.

5.Doctor Seuss wrote many popular children’s books in the 20th century.( 改爲被動語態)

Many  popular children’s books _______ _______ by Doctor Seuss in the 20th century.

6.“Are you going to celebrate the opening of the shop?” the secretary asked.(改爲賓語從句)

The secretary asked ________ they _______ going to celebrate the opening of the shop.

7.to foods, does harm to , adding, our hearts, too much sugar or salt( 連詞成句)




-I can’t agree more.

A. Would you like some fish for dinner tonight?

B. The lecture in the morning is so boring.

C. Do you want to spend your weekend with us?

D. I’ve decided to join in the tennis match next term.


–Would you mind turning on the radio a bit? I can’t hear it clearly


A. All right    B. That’s OK    C. Thank you    D. Not at all



Let’s keep quiet in the school library, _______?

A. shall we    B. can we    C. will you    D. do you



Mr. White ________English in school for seven years since he first visited China.

A. teaches    B. taught    C. is teaching    D. has taught


My brother was so careless that he forgot _______his passport to the airport.

A. take    B. taking    C. to take    D. taken


2018年上海徐彙二模Recently a new community library _______ and will be open to the public soon.

A. is built    B. was built    C. has been built    D. will be built


_____________ the job was very hard and tiring for him in the beginning, he didn’t give up.

A. Before    B. Although    C. Unless    D. If



To complete the project in time, the staff of the company kept _______day and night.

A. work    B. working    C. to work    D. worked


The text is available online so you _____________ have a copy of it now.

A. can’t    B. shouldn’t    C. needn’t    D. mustn’t


These funny pictures about cakes will surely make you _____________.

A. laugh    B. laughing    C. to laugh    D. laughed


—________does it take to get to the nearest supermarket?

   —About half an hour on foot.

A. How far    B. How long    C. How soon    D. How often


There ________a singing and dancing competition every month here.

A. is    B. has    C. will be    D. will have


In the concert, I loved the Little Star best because the kids sang so _____________.

A. lovely    B. friendly    C. kindly    D. sweetly


The world’s _____________ glass floor bridge opened to the public in Shijiazhuang last year.

A. long    B. longer    C. longest    D. the longest


The community has plenty of _____________ for the elderly to communicate with each other.

A. room    B. class    C. program    D. game


Please check ________ passport and air ticket before leaving home.

A. you    B. your    C. yours    D. yourself


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